Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A dream I had.

In my dream there was something about vampires being real and there was a whole series of books about Dracula and they had the same name as the Twilight books and something about a companion book with the real-life accounts of somebdy that hunted vampires. Sarah Kuykendahl (an acquaintance through a mutual friend) and I discuss how I haven't seen the Twilight movie but I'm okay with that. All of a sudden I was in a mall, and there was this store that had really cool stuff, like neat costumy stuff and other stuff. And then as I went through the store I was in a big room with theatre seats and a table to one side, but still more exhibit-y things. We go up to one and it starts talking to us about "the pattern", and a bunch of people ask "like Fringe?". At one point Don't Stop Believin' starts playing and Josh and I start singing it a la Glee. Mike is there, too. A guy from high school (Cody Dunham, to my high school friends) yells something to me, and I say "Thanks Oz", but I realize it was Cody a second after I say it, and say "I mean, thanks Dunham". I go over to my seat, and Willow (from Buffy) is looking upset at me because I said Oz's name. I apologize, and Tara (also from Buffy) tries to help me. Then a bunch of teachers come with sandwiches (it's like it was a field trip or something) and then some of them, along with Giles (from Buffy) start doing a presentation thing. Something about people from Bastiana, which I think my subconscious made up. Then I woke up.


The Ninth Knight said...

So, I showed up and did nothing? :P

Emily said...

Haha, there were a lot of people just kind of standing around talking, and you were one of them. Next time I'll make sure you save the day or something. lol.