Friday, January 9, 2009

Elope with me, miss private, and we'll sail around the world

So last night was basically awesomely epic, I went to Paducah with my friends Luke and Julie (or they went with me, I was driving). We first went to Market Square Coffee to meet up with some of my friends from there, Philip, who I met at a theatre camp thing, and Allyson, who I was in a show with a couple of years ago. We went to Fazoli's for dinner, and then we went to see Doubt at the independent cinema there, Maiden Alley Cinema. It's a really cool theatre, in a gorgeous older building.

I love old buildings. I really do. They have such a history, a history you can feel just by being there.

Doubt was amazing, Meryl Streep is such a fantastic actress, and gave a wonderful performance, as did the other actors. Wonderful wonderful wonderful.

After the movie we went to Sonic, and then WalMart. Somehow when I'm with my friends we always end up at WalMart. Oh, there was also a couple making out in the parking lot. I love Kentucky.

And now I have to go to work, which is upsetting. I detest Dollar General with every fiber of my being. Mhmm.

Both Luke and Julie go to college not here, and I miss them a lot. Luke will read this, but Julie won't. Also check out Luke's blog, 'cuz he's pretty cool. :]



MusicChick257 said...

Haha, my friends and I always end up at Walmart too! Sounds like you had a great time. :P

katiedid536 said...

William Sledd is from Paducah.
What kind of name is Paducah?
It's fun to say.