Sunday, June 15, 2008

I have very little time in which to write this but.... goes. I have church at 6:30 and sometime before that I have to figure out the VCR so that I can tape the Tony's. Which are tonight! Yay! I'm excited. I usually miss them for some reason or another, but I planned ahead this time. I really wanted to have a Tony's party, but that didn't happen. So I think my friend and I are going to have a post-Tony's mini-party during which we will watch it taped and chat on Skype.

So this weekend has been interesting in parts, and not in others. Yesterday, as mentioned in my previous post, I sang at the Community Arts Foundation Annual Meeting, which went rather well, I guess. Earlier that day I fell (I was leaping through the house) and I twisted my ankle rather nicely. It still hurts.

Right before I was supposed to meet the person accompanying me to practice, I couldn't find one of my heels. So I was thinking, in my frantic state, how if I had to, I would wear my tap shoes, because they are the only other black heels I have. Yeah.

But I found the other shoe, and all was well.

Today my sister left for a mission camp with the youth group at our church, so I get to pretend that I'm an only child, which is exciting. I intend to fully use it to my advantage, if they'll let me.

Also this week, I have to get a job.

And I've started a story, which I mentioned before, but right now I know very little about the plot. I currently only really have vague character sketches in my brain, so I'm working on it.

Random song which I have no time to post a link to an mp3 of....

She & Him - You Really Got a Hold On Me

Folky, loungy, not really sure how to categorize it. Zooey Deschanel is a part of this group, and her smooth vocals are absolutely wonderful.


Becca... said...

I'm able to comment now, since I got one of these blogs! YAY! Anyways, I leave you with two words... Liza Minelli.

cinemarie said...

phew! ;)