Thursday, June 12, 2008

Nerdfighters, writing, words, etc.

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I am part of an internet movement known as Nerdfighters. Nerdfighters are individuals that are made of awesome, and who fight to decrease worldsuck in the never-ending battle with the "popular" people. It was started by John and Hank Green, also known as vlogbrothers on YouTube (check them out, they're awesome) during their Brotherhood 2.0 project in 2007.

Their project was to use anything but text-based communication for a whole year, instead communicating via video blogs, or vlogs.

Passing over Nerdfighters (which I strongly encourage everyone to check out), I move on to my next topic.

Writing. I greatly enjoy writing. Writing is something that I've succeeded in, and that I want to keep succeeding in. Hence the blog. I hope that by writing more, I can improve. I haven't done very much writing for a while. I'd consider myself a writer, but not a great one. In high school, I started a lot of "novels" that I may just decide to finish. I've been reading and thinking about Young Adult fiction a lot lately, so I may try to see what happens if I try to move my writing in that direction. We'll see what happens.

Every now and then I think about words, more than every now and then actually, and in particular how a simple change of one letter can make an interesting change to the whole meaning of a sentence. The "s" key being next to the "d" key, the word "sleep" can quickly turn into the word "dleep", which, coincidentally, is not an actual word. If it were, it would be some kind of liquid, or a bodily function.

Also, I often find myself accidentally pressing the "b" key instead of the "v", making the word "love" into "lobe", saying things like, "I lobe you guys!" and "Don't you lobe that?". What does it mean to "lobe" something? :)

And I decided that instead of just shuffling my music, I'm going to pick some songs that I've listened to lately that I've enjoyed. I find myself skipping through until I find one I like. :)

Sondre Lerche and Regina Spektor - Hell No

This song is so soothing and nice, their voices go well together.

The Bird and the Bee - Again and Again

Fun song, really great beat and interesting instrumentation. Makes you want to dance. :)

The Mountain Goats - Love Love Love

New Mountain Goats fan here. Awesome. (John Green sent me, and he's right, they are so jokes.)

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Elizabeth said...

Sitting on Wesley Bolin's couch, at eleven twenty, after just being taken out in RISK, I read the part about sleep and dleep and laughed very loudly out loud.